Online Mix Engineer

Send your mixes to AW Sound for the fat, big sounding, stunning mix that you need for your music.

Why use an online mix engineer?

Mixing can involve far more than just changing levels and moving faders on a track. It is the processing and editing in the sound which can give your track life, power and energy. Mixing is an extremely important part of the music production process. A good mix can make or break a track, and a good mix can help get your song noticed. Using a professional engineer offers you a fresh set of experienced and musical ears who can help improve your track and bring the best out of it. Using a professional mix engineer means that you will be able to get a better finished product to do your song justice! 

Why should you choose me?

I have years of experience and training at various institutions and through varying genres in music, as well as a great understanding of the importance of a top quality production to really realise the artists initial goal and to do justice to the song. Furthermore, I have a wide understanding of acoustic environments coupled with a deep knowledge and understanding of my own equipment to make sure that the best mix will be achieved and will sound great, even before mastering.

How do I mix?

I use a Mac based Pro Tools system with various processing plug-ins from brand leading manufacturers such as UAD, Waves and Audio Ease, among a vast array of others. I pay close attention to the dynamics and processing across every single element of the mix, and use intuition and subtlety across the entire mix to achieve a fantastic finished track ready for release.

How do you send me the mix?

Initially, please prepare your session to be as clean as possible, with any unwanted audio removed prior to delivery. Please also name tracks as logically as possible (using microphone names, positions etc.) as this will allow me to get the best idea of how the track was recorded and will result in a far quicker and more streamlined mixing process.

Next, I will provide you with a link for you to upload your sessions to, and from there I will take the session and start working!

Mix auditions

When my mixes have been completed, I will send you mp3 versions of your tracks for you to review. I will then make any required changes, before returning you the completed track in a high quality WAV file.

Any other questions?

Please fill out an enquiry form on the quote page and I’d be happy to help you with any further enquiries.