Session: JJ Grey – Live Acoustic

Session: JJ Grey – Live Acoustic

I’m really excited to post this session – I’ve been sitting on it for a very long time and it’s great to be able to share it!

JJ Grey is an artist I respect immensely. His music has an exciting vintage vibe and it’s dripping with incredible soul alongside his amazing brand of bluesy music. He produces the records himself using some awesome vintage gear in his own studio – and before this session we had a great discussion about his love of a more analogue – retro sound, rich with saturation and warmth. I tried my best back then to recreate that although I was using modern digital interfaces (I think it was an Apogee Symphony back then), alongside modern large diaphragm condenser mics.
In the mix, I added a little bit of warmth around the 120hz and 500hz areas, and on the voice I drove it through some tape emulation with a bit of added saturation – and I really like how it’s turned out! After cleaning up a tad of some nasty low mids between 300hz and 400hz, it cleaned up nicely and I hope you enjoy it!

Since the session I’ve seen JJ live a number of times and also been lucky enough to meet him on tour when I’m out with Wille and The Bandits!




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