Warren Haynes – awsound.co.uk Session for TeamRock.com

Here’s a session I recently recorded with the legendary Warren Haynes of Govt Mule.

This was recorded for the Classic Rock Magazine Show with Nicky Horne on TeamRock.com.

For all you gear nerds – the guitar was recorded in a stereo mic style with 2 AKG C414’s, and the vocal mic was an SE Electronics SE4400 large diaphragm condenser. Personally, I love the long reverb tail on his voice on ‘One’ – It may sound like a little much at first but getting towards the end of the track, everything sounds bigger and bigger. The Reverb used on this track was an Altiverb EMT-140 medium plate.

Also, find the Soundcloud playlist embedded – with two other tracks Warren did for the session!


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